Tuesday, October 12, 2010

walkabouts erosion

vined fence
lines in the sand

These two images were just taken walking around. The lines in the sand create an nice but unintentional image. I think I may draw drawing some in the sand as it is a ephemeral- a characteristic very seldom evident outside of earth art. The vined fence is actually a re-take from before. It actually make just be setting the stage to some work later on- hanging something from the limbs perhaps?

Making Mud, Moving Sticks

I tried erosion as a medium. I taped my hose to an outside table and then laid my camera and stand across the table. I built a 'little campfire' to see how it would react to the water. I see the little rock and stick pile as mankind collecting things and the hose being the force of nature- mankind holding up as much resistance as it can to being consumed by it.

I have an idea for my final project! 

It is inspired by Smithson's spiral jetty being hidden for many years underneath of water and then reemerging.  I may make a bowl with a hole that leads to a ramp. Below the ramp I want to make a simple art piece level with the ground. It will be easily covered up but when it rains the water should collect in the bowl, exit through the ramp and wash away the ground below, revealing the piece.


  1. The picture of the fence looks similar to a picture that I had taken and was going to post. I look at a picture like that as the earth tring to maintain its presence in this world that has been created by man. The growth on the fence is nature trying to overtake man-made objects and be a forever dominating force in our lives.

  2. I really like your project idea. It sounds like a gound mixture of art and science, which I feel is often a theme in earth art. Your pictures of erosion are very intriguing!