Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hollywood Cemetery

tree roots in embankment, spreading through 'cairn'

akin to the vietnam memorial

overgrown grave stone

dead plant juxtaposes green grass, appropriate in a graveyard

deterioration of tombstone

cairn meets gravestone

lack of tree promotes circular overgrowth

the light leaves seem to bend the heavy metal
Hollywood Cemetery is awesome first off. There are some serious monolithic gravestones- one of which I could not find for some reason, and it was the reason I went there. I found a lot of inspiration here. I really like the idea of moss overgrowing the tombstones. I think in my final project I'd like to facilitate some sort of overgrowth of some seemingly tough structure (stone, or metal is in the last image). The overgrown grave stone that is level with the earth seems to be the most applicable. I don't see myself working with stone necessarily (it'd probably be super difficult) but perhaps wood? I also want to integrate water- perhaps that will be my method of increasing the life and entropy of the work.


  1. Nice finds David ... cemetaries are great places to think and consider those liminal spaces and land art ....

  2. The grate at the end is a great find ..