Monday, October 25, 2010

first try- fail(ish)

This is my first attempt. I assumed it would be difficult so I choose a smaller spread of branches and something closer to the ground so I could figure out my technique. 

Well the zipties, the measuring, and the plastic all worked out just fine. The hole was a bit of a fail. It was glued on the dorsal surface of the plastic- mistake. Because it creates a lip it does not allow ample flow (I just poured a glass of water into it) without (I'm guessing) torrential rains. Also I think it could be weighted more heavily in order to cause the water to run to the hole and not elsewhere. For the next one I'm going to glue it on the opposite side of the plastic and fashion an addition washer to it. Also the branch space will be larger and less rectangular- rectangles are really not exciting looking.


  1. I think considering art and the landscape as organic amorphic shapes may be a consideration here - the squareness and size of your piece - does it work in this environment? Also, once you go large I think it will become more fun and "open" to possibilties throughout the whole tree (and beyond?). Consider not the hole but the angle of each piece of plastic and how a group of them may work with each other ... the outcome is not as important as the process ...

  2. Hey David!

    Like I was saying in class, I hope you explore the negative space between two branches, and just a thought, maybe you could do multiple clear rain catchers throughout your tree. I also think that keeping it simple as far as the color of the plastic goes is a good idea. I think you will appreciate the material more. Oh Oh, maybe you could try to take some lights and arrange it on certain parts of your tree, to play with lighting during the nighttime!

    Just some ideas I was thinking about after class.