Monday, October 18, 2010

rain, raft

It was raining outside and I had a big sterilite contain outside from trying to teastain some maps and it filled with water over the course of the night. There were a bunch of sticks lying around so I figured I would arrange them and see what happened. The best construct I came up with was this raft. It might be neat to watch it during a actually rain was it'd move the raft about, and depending on the heaviness of the rain even destroy it. I think water is my favorite medium. I'd like to integrate it into my final project somehow. 

More ideas to come.

1 comment:

  1. I like this rain raft. The thought that the rain can either move it or destroy it makes me marvel at the power of water. Water is necessary to life but it is so versatile in its effects on us. It can be peaceful such as watching a calm lake. It can be fun like when rafting down a river or it can be frightening such as when natural disasters occur. I think using water in your final project will no doubt produce intriguing results.